I’m a wife and soon-to-be mother obsessed with saving my family money. I want to share my tips, tricks and what we do to stay within budget every month. Until a month or so ago we were DINK’s (dual-income no kids) and had no problem paying for anything but still had issues sticking to a budget. We have gone back and forth for the past 5 years trying Dave Ramsey’s process, giving ourselves spending money, and falling away from budgeting altogether.With the baby on the way and my industry being very demanding I’ve taken a step away from work to focus on staying healthy for the baby. Now my husband is the only person bringing any money home and we are getting ready for a new baby. I’m not a finance expert but what I am is someone who understands we need to tighten our belts (or stretchy maternity pants). So if you are like me and want to find the best deals, save money and still enjoy life pull-up a chair and share this journey with us.